ArduPilot monthly Update for Nov 2018

Below is a link to the monthly update presented by Tridge, Randy, Olivier and other members of the dev team at this morning’s Partners call.

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Call For Testers - Final ChibiOS testing before NuttX is removed

We are now at the point that we are ready to remove NuttX and PX4Firmware support in ArduPilot master. What we need now is for final testing to be done on STM32 based boards to find any remaining regressions before we remove the NuttX/px4 builds.
So we calling for testers to find any regressions. We need users who are willing to test ArduPilot master on their boards and carefully look for changes in behaviour between the px4 builds and the ChibiOS builds. Both bench testing and flight testing are useful, so if you don’t want to fly ArduPilot master builds (as they have not been through the full testing we do for a release) you can still contribute by ... Read more

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ArduPilot Developer Meetup in Canberra - March 23rd and 24th 2019

It’s on again! After the success of our last two developer meetups in Canberra, we are holding it again for 2019.
The meetup will be on 23rd and 24th of March, and will be held at the Read more

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2018 ArduPilot Conference Highlights

2018 ArduPilot Conference held at Suzhou Ramada Hotel.

Hex Technology Limited Ceo – Gene Wu giving opening speech.

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