Run Simulator SITL using pre-built Docker image with your GCS (MacOS/XQuartz tutorial)

UPDATE: please see @luisvale comment about running natively within MacOS. I didn’t know this when I wrote the Docker image nor this tutorial. Hurray for better information! Read more

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ArduPilot monthly update for Feb 2019


Here is a link to the slides presented at this month’s Partner’s call.

Thanks very much to our Partners for their support!

By the way, the copter shown is Read more

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ArduPilot 2019 Community Feedback Survey

In preparation for the 2019 Developers Conference, we’d appreciate your feedback by clicking on this link and replying to the survey.

The survey this year is a lot broader than last year, and hits both general feedback and some specific areas where we feel it important to get your perspective.
Names and email addresses are entirely optional, and won’t be used for anything other than potential feedback/clarification on your survey responses.

I’ll close the survey on 15 March.

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CUAV V5 with dual Power Modules

The CUAV V5 controller comes configured for a power module on Power1, and for a smart battery on Power2. I’m posting this for information for folks who wish to use two power modules ... Read more

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