Arducopter RTK GPS: Quick position and altitude precision evaluation

Hi there,
I recently finished designing and building an 18" quadrotor with 1kg payload ,<5kg total AUW and a relatively long flight time (see image) for my company. This is the second time that I work with ArduCopter, and this time, I am really happy with the performance of the flight algorithms (especially low level things like angular velocity control seem to have improved quite a bit since 2012!).

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New 180m long range LiDAR for drones/UAV/copter precision landing - Benewake TF03

Hi, Ardupilot friends, hope this info helps you for your drones/UAV/copters

The Benewake new long range LiDAR TF03 is released for drones/UAV/copters Precision Landing, Anti-collision, Altitude Holding, Terrain Following, etc.

The TF03 is compatible with Ardupilot, ... Read more

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Testing Unmanned Vehicle With Direction Finding Dual Antenna RTK- Replacing Magnetic Compass and VFH Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm

Dual-arc directional automatic cruise unmanned vehicle test

Due to the instability of the magnetic compass and its vulnerability to hard and soft magnetic interference, we used the Novatai 617D dual-antenna DF board on the Rover’s unmanned vehicle firmware. The output heading information, was replaced by the heading information of ... Read more

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Morse 3D simulator with ArduPilot

Over the past few days @tridge has added support for the Morse robotics simulator which uses the Blender game engine to produce high quality 3D renderings of the environment. It also supports many different sensors including 360 lidar so this will be a good testing environment for work on object avoidance.

For developers interested in giving it a try, the setup instructions are here. So far it works only on Linux/Ubuntu environments. If you run into troubles feel free to reach out to us in the ArduPilot ... Read more

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