Painless360 removes the headache out of setting up telemetry on Ardupilot

In his October edition Painless360 covers two wireless telemetry options for ArduPilot/Pixhawk 2.1. The first option is the standard telemetry radio, which allows you to talk to your vehicle over the air waves, like a long virtual usb cable between your vehicle and Mission Planner. The second option is FlightDeck “which is essentially like a mini Mission Planner that appears on your radio.”
Check out this video for a great introduction and hands-on explanation on how to set up these links without the headaches.

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ArduPilot China Unconference October 21-23 , 2017

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ArduPilot at the GSoC Mentors Meeting

This past weekend the Google Open Source group invited all mentors from organizations that participated in the 2017 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program. As you may know, Ardupilot was one of the very lucky organizations that participated this year, it was our first year participating as ... Read more

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UnATRaP Part 5: Hardpoints and Mounts


In a classic RC airplane build it is normal to see mandatory equipment (such as servos and BECs) installed in the middle of the airframe. It is functional, provides easy access and easy maintenance. In a UAV such as the UnATRaP however, it doesn't make much sense.
The main reason against it is that internal volume use should be optimized, so as to leave room for payload, which usually is more frequently changed and thus needs to have the easiest access.

With that goal in mind, we went ahead and did some rearranging of the interior spaces.

Throttle Servo

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