Ardupilot on sUAS News

Lead Ardupilot plane developer Andrew "Tridge" Tridgell was an invited guest on the always interesting sUAS News webcast "Drone Stuff this week" earlier this month. Hosted by sUAS News editor Gary Mortimer, Tridge's discussion topics included the upcoming Google Summer of Code program, VTOLs and tail sitters, SLT (Separate Lift and Thrust), use of generators on sUAS, ADS-B(Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) devices and maps for Aircraft avoidance, ...

His appearance starts at about 7:15.

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Best contribution for Feb - ArduSub: Rustom Jehangir and Jacob Walser

Congratulations to Rustom Jehangir and Jacob Walser for winning the "Best Contribution of the Month" for Feb 2017 for their huge and successful merge of Ardusub with Ardupilot.

The merge is a large and fantastic addition ... Read more

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Low-Cost Air-Data Instruments: Calibration and Discussion

Hello everyone!

In our laboratory, part of the research activities revolve around UAVs. Lately, we are in the process of designing parameter identification algorithms for the aerodynamic model of our fixed-wing testbed.
Naturally, we face a common problem: there aren't really any ... Read more

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Developer UnConference - Michael Oborne

This is Michael Oborne's presentation about little known features of the Mission Planner and a demonstration of Mission Planner's video and log-file downloading using APSync. This is from the ArduPilot 2017 Developer "Un-conference" held in Canberra Australia in February.

Topics covered include: APSync, FFT for vibration analysis, Fast method to draw polygons, moving groups of waypoints on the map, swarming.

Many of you have likely already seen the videos below but in any case, they demonstrate the swarming feature that has been added to the Mission Planner.

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