Best Contribution of the Month, May 2018

Congratulations to Ardupilot community members Chobitsfan and Sh83, for each winning Ardupilot’s “Best Contribution of the Month” award for May 2018.

Chobitsfan made great Read more

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UNICEF Funding Opportunity for Drone Startups

Dear APM:Copter,

I wanted to put this on your radar – The UNICEF Innovation Fund just launched a call for Drone start-ups.

We are seeking open-source projects (or willing to be open-source) with an existing prototype that have been started in one ... Read more

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Connecting a companion PC to ArduPlane made easy

Python Plibrary for Ardupilot Plane
( )

I just released this video and my python library for connecting with Ardupilot Plane. As you will see there is nothing fancy, just a bit of renaming and a couple of handy functions for overriding the channels, changing modes, arming and taking off and setting the ground course.

I have never had the chance of playing with planes much, but I tell you: they are a lot of fun, especially with the amazing Plane firmware. You really have to want to crash when the autopilot is engaged!

(I took the picture from ardupilot website, I hope you would forgive me, mine were terrible)

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Block Diagram For Learning

Hi there people!

I, along with @frizensami and @disgruntled-patzer, am from Yonah and we are in the midst of building a quad-plane based cargo drone infrastructure to help our hospital partner deliver vaccines. Its ... Read more

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