Microsoft AI research using Mission Planner

Interesting video from Microsoft's AI research team on using AI to find thermals. You can see Mission planner being used at the 0:46 mark.

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ArduCopter controls STorM32 gimbal by UAVCAN

Hey Folks

next step in UAVCAN-izing my drone. I've added a AP_Mount_STorM32_UAVCAN class as well as the relevant code snippets in AP_UAVCAN to ArduCopter 3.6-dev, which enables controlling a STorM32 gimbal via UAVCAN. This is similar to controlling a STorM32 gimbal via MAVLink and a serial connection to a Pixhawk, which you might be familiar with, except that now the CAN bus is used, and UAVCAN as protocol.

The video below includes a short flight sequence demonstrating this in "real life". That's a demo of little practical relevance, but the control of course works also for all other situations which are covered by ArduPilot's mounts (missions, POI, follow me, etc.).

Cheers, Olli

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Marco's Copter-3.5.2 testing with Cube on DJIS900 frame

Marco Robustini's Copter-3.5.2 testing video. As you can see Marco is using a DJI S900 hexacopter frame with a Cube (aka Pixhawk2.1) flight controller with Dual GPSs and landing gear.

Copter-3.5.2 is on it's way out to the Mission Planner (and other GCSs) as I write this post. The list of changes is in the ReleaseNotes but in short, it's mostly minor changes on Copter-3.5.1:

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Carbonix in the news showing a little Mission Planner and ArduPilot

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