Using the SkyViper Sonix board with any Pixhawk

At $150 or less (if you can catch a sale), the SkyViper 2450 GPS is a great platform to experiment with all things Copter: Under the hood it includes a full blown “micro Pixhawk” flight control board connected to a Ublox GPS, along with a companion computer running FreeRTOS with a server providing a web interface, ... Read more

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Hachidori - APM on PC with remote sensor/actuators

Hachidori which means 'humming bird' is a remote sensor/actuator board controlled by ArduPilot running on PC. It's intended to contribute to ArduPilot, though it's still in the experimental phase. It's a tiny open project of DCoJA and the related programs and resources of hachidori are available there.

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ArduPilot Development Report for Dec 2017

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Rover 3.2 includes SmartRTL

This is perhaps the first vehicle test of the SmartRTL mode on ArduPilot Rover 3.2 (currently in beta testing). Peter Barker and I ported the SmartRTL feature over from Copter (video) last week. Just like copter, SmartRTL in Rover stores up to 500 points in memory constantly simplifying and pruning those points as required to save space.

When the vehicle is switched into the new mode, it follows the path back to the location where it was first armed. You might notice that the vehicle is a bit jerky on it's return journey. This is a natural outcome of the point simplification which turns multiple points in a line into a single straight line. So curves tend to become ... Read more

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