CanberraUAV Outback Challenge 2018 Demo

The above video shows what CanberraUAV is doing for the UAV Outback Challenge next week in Dalby. Good luck to all the teams competing! Read more

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Light hand-held GCS design, all feedback are welcome

I would like to avoid double posting, so here is the original entry:
Although this is primarily an FPV and/or payload controller, we are also working on a light version of our rugged all-in-one telemetry ... Read more

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ArduPilot Monthly Update for Sep 2018

Below is a link to the monthly update presented by Tridge, Randy, Olivier, Jaime, Craig and other members of the dev team at this morning’s Partner ’s call. Thanks to those that could make it and thanks for ... Read more

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Rover Sailboat Auto Mission

This is a short video demonstrating the progress that has been made on rover sailboat support in the past few weeks.

The boat is a International One Meter class that has been fitted with a pixhawk, standard set up with GPS and telemetry. The only bit of special equipment is a wind vane. This is used to sense the direction of the wind allowing the sails to be trimmed and the best course to be chosen.

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